About This Project


Whey is a drinkable substance that is obtained from milk, abundant with milk sugar, vitamins, minerals that energize our organism and balance the cellular tonus. On the other hand, the
whey proteins are most suitable for sportsmen/ women nutrition, the nutrition of children, pregnant women and nursing mothers due to their chemical composition that is most
compatible for the construction of the muscle tissue. Also the doctors recommend the consummation of raw whey due to the revitalizing effect it has on the liver.


Net weight

  • 1 and 0,5kg

Average concentration in 100 g

  • Energy value 105 kJ; 25kcal
  • Fats 0.3g, 0.2g of which are saturated.
  • Carbo hydrates 4.8g, 4.7g of which are saturated.
  • Proteins 0.7g
  • Salts 0.3g


Made in the Republic of Macedonia