Bucen Kozjak: No.1 soured milk in terms of quality

The first QUDAL – QUality meDAL research in Macedonia shows that the citizens of Macedonia give their trust to Bucen Kozjak when beeing asked of absolutely the top quality producer of soured milk on the macedonian market.

QUDAL – QUality meDAL research in Macedonia was performed at the territory of Macedonia, on the sample of 1.200 respondents in March 2014. Respondents were citizens of Macedonia, internet users older than 15. The survey was performed through a web questionnaire using CAWI – DEEPMA (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing – Deep Mind Awareness) method.

In the survey, when it comes to soured milk, examinees were asked the following question:
“Наведете го името на производителот или на снабдувачот на кисело млеко кој, според Вашето лично искуство и мислење, нуди апсолутно најдобар квалитет на македонскиот пазар:”
Most of the respondents answered on this question with “Bucen Kozjak”.