Sour Milk Products
About This Project


The Ayran is produced with the traditional yoghurt production technology, adding salt solution. It is a product with decreased concentration of dairy fat, and is an ideal dairy beverage which
will refresh you in the hot days and hydrate and revitalize you with its full taste and small amount of salt.
Sour milk product

With its long tradition, recognizable taste and quality, the dairy Buchen Kozjak is a synonym of farm production of sour milk products. Since its very beginnings, back in the 1980s, and until the present day, Buchen Kozjak has been a trade mark of highest quality sour milk products.They include: cow milk sour cream, sheep milk sour cream and yogurt.


Net weight

  • 1, 0,5 and 0,2 kg

Pasteurized cow milk with added starter culture, water and salt.

Average concentration in 100 g

  • Energy value 177kJ; 43kcal
  • Fat 2,0 g,  1.5g of which are saturated
  • Carbo hydrates 3,8g, 3,8g are sugars
  • Proteins 2g
  • Salt 1g


Made in the Republic of Macedonia