Mixed Cheese

cheese and yellow cheese
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Mixed cheese

Mixed cheese is a wonderful dietary milk product which is made by mixing of cow and sheep milk and it is this combination that gives the product its characteristic smell and taste. The cheese is made to a traditional homemade recipe, and due to its tactile and nutritional value, ithas become staple food in the traditional Macedonian fare. It is used as salad topping, main dish or an ingredient in special savory recipes.


Cheese and Yellow Cheese

Sheep and cow cheese with their matchless nutritional and biological value have been an essential part of the traditional diet in these regions for centuries.  They are made of pasteurized grass-fed sheep or cow milk with addition of salt, starter culture and curds.


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Net weight

  • vacuum packages of 0.4 – 0.5 kg
  • containers of 4 kg and 8 kg

80% grass-fed pasteurized cow milkand 20% grass-fed pasteurized sheep milk, salt, starter culture and curds.

Average nutritional content per 100 grams:

  • calories– 1253 kJ; 302 kcal
  • fat– 25 g
  • carbohydrates– 3 g
  • proteins– 18 g
  • salt –5 g


Made in the Republic of Macedonia