The project – Improving wastewater treatment through climate-friendly technology investment in line with EU Green Deal principles for cleaner water and lower groundwater pollution in the region of Kumanovo is implemented by BUCEN KOZJAK DOO Kumanovo and supported by the project EU for Economic Growth (EU4EG). The project EU4EG is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and AREA Science Park, co-funded by EU and the Federal German Ministry of Economy and Climate Action.



BUCEN KOZJAK DOO Kumanovo was founded as a small family company in 1983 and is registered with the main activity Production of quality dairy products. Today the company is a recognizable brand on dairy market and is the third largest dairy in Macedonia. Buchen Kozjak has expanded its operations due to rising demand, making its mark in major supermarket chains throughout Macedonia. The company’s commitment to growth and quality is evident in its increasing sales revenues and continuous investments in development.

The objective of the project is to invest in equipment that will improve energy efficiency in the production plant, and also increase cottage cheese production, improve the hygiene of process equipment and reduce liquid fuel consumption, reduce the use of chemicals for sanitation, will improve the production process, new production lines, job positions, fast return of funds, generating savings and long-term improvement and improvement of the processes, as well as their development.

The company, Production Services and Trade Company BUCEN KOZJAK DOO Kumanovo, with headquarters at St. Kozjacka no.11 Dobroshane, Kumanovo, e-mail address: bucenkozjak@bucenkozjak.mk and contact person Natasha Denkovska Bojkovski needs a purchase – CLEAN-IN-PLACE (CIP) PLANT EQUIPMENT, MILK PASTEURIZATION EQUIPMENT, TOGETHER WITH STEAM GENERATOR, HOMOGENIZER AND STANDARDIZER.

For this purpose, BUCEN KOZJAK DOO Kumanovo implements a procedure for awarding a contract for procurement of goods with an open procedure (Public Invitation to Tender), in accordance with the Procurement Procedure of the legal entity BUCEN KOZJAK DOO Kumanovo, for what published ad.

Please submit your offer for the above-mentioned subject of public procurement no later than 15.11.2023, 12:00h (local time zone) as the deadline for submitting offers, at the following address: St. Kozjacka no.11 Dobroshane, Kumanovo in a sealed envelope marked “FOR TENDER – DO NOT OPEN”. The offer sent in paper form should be signed by the economic operator.

If you contact us at our email address, we will provide you with tender documentation which then contains all information who will assist you for making on the offer. The tender documentation consists of the following parts: instructions for economic operators, technical specifications, mandatory provisions that will be contained in the procurement contract, form on the offer. The full documentation can also be found on our website – www.bucenkozjak.mk.

The opening of the offers will be on 15.11.2023, 12:00h.

In advance thank you for your cooperation.